The celebration of work…!


We’re closed today for Labor Day (is it odd to celebrate work by not working?).

Labor Day is indeed a good day to celebrate as it pays tribute to the contribution work has made in the strengthening of our country. Our labor has brought us many good things. In fact, so many, that our store is filled with thousands of things people had too many of and are willing to make available to others.

Like other stores of thrift, we make these available to you. Unlike many stores of thrift, we carefully select what goes onto the sales floor, only putting out the best to save you time. We test electronics, lamps and appliances to save you trouble.

I pray often for you, our customers, that you will know the Good Shepherd who provides everything we need. And that every day the people who need what we have will come and find it.

Thrifty Goods for a Greater Good - Our mission is to support local, Memphis charities with 100% of our profits. By saving you money, we make this money to give away!


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Blues City Friday & Saturday – FREE Clothes!!!

Sale Extraordinaire!!!

Finally, our End-of-Summer, Labor-Day, Customer-Appreciation, Blowout BOGO Sale!

That’s right, Buy One, Get One FREE! 

All of our summer clothes are needing to find a home. 

Why not make it yours?


Open this Saturday ’til 5:00 for your convenience.

Closed Monday, September 1, for Labor Day.



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Today is Ladies’ Day at Blues City!!!

ladies day copy

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The Blues City Weekly #34

This Week @ Blues City

Zambia kids

Look at these aspiring World Cup’ers in Zambia! We gave some soccer balls to someone to take to these budding fútbolers. She said, “I had to snap the picture really quick - they were so overjoyed they took to the soccer field immediately!”

MONDAY — Seniors’ Day

TUESDAY – Family Day

*** Bring your family and save! ***

WEDNESDAY – Ladies’ Day

THURSDAY – Men’s Day

FRIDAY & SATURDAY – “Manager’s Special”

We’re putting out lots of clothes with no price tags as we transition to our new pricing style.
Last Friday and Saturday we sold tagged Ladies’ and Kids’ clothes for $1.00! It went so well, who knows what we’ll do next?

Blues City, where thrift is becoming thriftier.

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BLOWOUT CLOTHING SALE!!! (see details!)


All Tagged Women’s & Kids’ Clothes

*** $1.00 ***

That’s right! Tagged clothes for ladies and kids will cost you only one dollar to take home! Wear it, give it away, save it for later, hang it on a flagpole! It’s yours to with as you please.

(excluding hats, scarves, belts & gowns)

Thrifty Goods for a Greater Good.

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