This Week at Blues City! – Week 30

Old Things Out, New Things In

Blues City, where Thrift is becoming Thriftier.

Check out our new pricing for clothes. We’re standardizing the prices for styles of apparel. And though some clothing is still tagged many of those tags are now half-price to help you better afford them.

Clothes with  Green  and  Yellow  tags are 50% OFF all week!

This week, if a top, dress, suit, etc. has a green or yellow tag take half-off of the price. Hurry in because they go fast!

Thrifty Goods for a Greater Good

Our mission is to support local, Memphis charities with 100% of the store’s profits. Like one lady said today after filling her basket with things for her children and herself, “Helping others never felt so good!”

I often hear, “A lady can’t have too many shoes or purses.” Is it the same with necklaces, pins and bracelets?



Though our prices are low, our specialty is the quality of our products.  If you find an exception please let me know so I can fix it.


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Monday at Blues City Thrift!

seniors' day LC purses.. copy

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50% Ladies Red White & Blues City SALE!!!

Refer to this post and save 50%

on Ladies Clothes!!!


Thursday (July 3rd), all ladies’ clothes half-price if you show or mention this email!!

Save on shorts, shoes, tops pants, et al. And with no tax on clothes you save that much more!

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20% Off All Furniture on Saturday!!!

SATURDAY  •  10:00am – 4:00pm

20% Off All Furniture!!!


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And DESKS!!! Do we have an abundance!

Saturday, you can buy one for half price . . . IF . . . you take it home that day! They’re solid wood too, no particle board here – for the furniture purist in you!



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